Innovation in Action: Real-World Examples

Welcome to our collection of success stories, where innovation meets achievement. Each case study is a testament to the transformative power of our solutions, showcasing real-world applications and the tangible results they've yielded for our clients. Dive into these narratives to discover how challenges were turned into opportunities, driving growth and efficiency across various industries. Here, you'll find inspiration and insight into the strategies that have propelled businesses forward. Join us on a journey through these tales of triumph and transformation.

We Implemented

Service Cloud, Sales Cloud & CPQ

AWP Safety achieved a significant transformation by unifying three acquired companies under a single streamlined business process with Salesforce CPQ, overcoming initial challenges of disparate selling processes and pricing models. Through comprehensive analysis and restructuring of business operations, including product catalogues and pricing strategies, AWP Safety not only optimized quoting processes but also enabled effective cross-selling and upselling, dramatically increased revenue, and improved the management of live contracts. The implementation of guided selling and automation of renewals further contributed to an increase in recurring revenue, showcasing a successful integration and enhancement of sales efficiency across the merged entities.

We implemented

B2B Commerce & OMS

Brave Mobility successfully revolutionized their ordering system by harnessing Salesforce B2B Commerce and Order Management, overcoming the constraints of legacy systems characterized by manual entry and inability to scale alongside rapid business growth. By implementing a personalized storefront and optimizing order and shipping management through an Order Management System (OMS), they significantly reduced manual processes and technical debt. This transformation enabled the automation of the ordering process, and the creation of insightful reports and dashboards, facilitating internal decision-making. Remarkably, Brave Mobility launched their new ordering system in just 8 weeks, reducing the time to launch services in new regions from months to just 1-2 weeks, and streamlined reporting on orders and revenue, marking a significant milestone in their operational efficiency and scalability.

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