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Multi-Cloud Commerce Solutions

Salesforce Implementations

  • B2B Commerce Cloud Enhance the shopping experience for your customers by providing them with self-service options that streamline the online purchasing process, using the world’s leading eCommerce platform.
  • Sales Cloud Makes the sales process smarter at every step of the sales cycle—from demand generation, to pipeline management and reporting, Generate more leads, close more deals & increase team productivity.
  • Service Cloud Lets you deliver fast, efficient, and personalized customer service by automating processes and streamlining workflows. Salesforce Service Cloud is the key to strengthening your brand and building customer loyalty.

  • Experience Cloud Lets you set up tailored communities for Partners, customers and other stakeholders of your business. Create branded, easy-to-use portals to foster collaboration and allow everyone in your business network to easily connect and engage with one another.
  • CPQ Quote-to-Cash solution that allows your business to automate your CPQ (configure, price, quote) and billing processes directly on the Salesforce platform.
  • Financial Services Cloud Build stronger, more personal relationships with customers and prospects and better manage customers and accounts. A platform proven to provide real-time access to critical data, visibility into unique customer journeys, and meaningful insights at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Take off with Salesforce the RIGHT way


The Salesforce Quickstarts typically last 3 - 4 weeks followed by ongoing support from the Stack team. We created this program specifically for companies that need a little help to get off the ground and start driving immediate ROI. 

  • User Setup which will include the creation of profiles and role hierarchy
  • Home page setup of key reports and upcoming tasks
  • Configuration of Lead, Account, Contacts, and Opportunities
  • Single Lead process optimization
  • Single Opportunity process optimization
  • Single workflow to demonstrate the power of the platform
  • Analytics setup with 6 reports and 1 dashboard
  • Training for End Users
  • Configure Accounts and Contacts
  • Set up email to case and web to case
  • Set up Case Assignment and Case Queue
  • Configure Service Cloud Console including all components, lists, buttons or quick action links
  • Set up email sync with Outlook or Gmail
  • Configure Email Templates
  • Creation of Key Reports and Dashboards
  • End User Training
  • Discovery with Internal Stakeholders
  • Design Quote Process using Best Practices
  • Product Setup and Configuration
  • Product Bundles / Volume Tiered Pricing Options
  • Basic Pricing Rules
  • Discounts and Approvals
  • Quote Document Generation
  • Contract Setup with Terms and Conditions
  • Creation of Key Reports and Dashboards
  • Training for End Users
  • Set Up Custom Community URL
  • Company Branding
  • Display up to four tabs, two components, and one audience
  • Set up User profiles to guarantee data accuracy
  • Object & Field Level Security
  • Set up Community pages for up to 2 Standard and Custom objects
  • Set up a self help Knowledge area
  • Configure chatter for customers and partners
  • Training for End Users
  • Discovery with Internal Stakeholders
  • Configure households for marketing and reporting
  • Setup contacts to manage individual client goals, objectives, and timelines
  • Configure opportunities for deal-tracking so you can manage your pipeline in detail
  • Setup the financial account record to allow for tracking of daily balances, NAV, asset class, and other information.
  • Creation of Key Reports and Dashboards
  • Training for End Users

Salesforce health Check


Take something you have paid for and help you do something really cool with it.

Is your Salesforce system not doing everything you want it to do? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Take the guess-work out your Salesforce licensing and know exactly what you have, what you need and how we can help.

Our extensive Salesforce Health Check will ensure you are optimizing Salesforce and getting the most out of your investment.

  • Data Mangement
  • User Permissions and Access
  • Critical System Updates
  • Metadata Mangement
  • Installed Products and Usage
  • Object Usage
  • Critical System Updates Third-Party Apps
  • User Experience Configuration

There's Managed Services and then there's us.

Managed Services

Salesforce recommends having 1 full-time resource per 75 users – BUT Salesforce professionals are expensive, hard to find, and difficult to retain.


Leverage our managed service plans, and have access to a full staff of Architects, Admins, and Developers ready to help as much or as little as you need. 

Why Stack Salesforce Managed Services?
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Our Managed Service team keeps the lights on and things running smoothly. From adding new users to handling error messages and support tickets, we reserve time each week for these reactive items that pop up. We staff each managed service project with several named resources so you can rest assured that one person’s time-off doesn’t mean there is a Salesforce time-out.

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We keep ahead of work and resource planning with quarterly roadmapping workshops and monthly strategy and innovation reviews.

We make sure you’re leveraging all the latest and greatest Salesforce provides. We keep an eye on business processes that could be managed more efficiently in Salesforce.

With our proactive planning approach, you have a strategic partner helping you maximize your Salesforce ROI.

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Within our Managed Services, you have access to a large pool of resources. Aside from adding a layer of redundancy to maintain constant coverage, you can also pull in specialists when unique projects and requirements arise.

Want professional advice on remaining HIPAA compliant? Need to evaluate a new Marketing Automation platform? Do you just want to bounce ideas off of someone who has done this before? Don’t worry, we have it and YOU covered.

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