Atlassian Quickstarts

We created this fixed-price introductory ITSM program to help companies who just purchased Atlassian products and are looking to get setup on the platform quickly.

Using a structured agenda, our consultants will facilitate requirements gathering sessions to quickly learn the specifics of your business for the best long-term setup. We will define roles and responsibilities, schedules, timelines, sets of business processes and configurations, all necessary for the efficient use of Atlassian for your business units. As a result, we will help you build an operations plan to be used as the foundation to effectively roll-out the basic set of Atlassian features.

ITSM Quickstart Benefits

Quick and easy implementation service with a tailored setup and expert guidance
Reporting and dashboards that show key performance indicators (KPI’s)
1-year roadmap to help your organization create a long-term strategic vision
Customized end-user training to drive adoption
Establishing a professional relationship with a 5-Star rated partner for ongoing development/customization

Quickstart Process

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