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Welcome to the Stack Cloud Migration Hub: the complete resource for all your Atlassian cloud migration questions and queries.

Starting with an introduction to Atlassian’s cloud ecosystem this guide will highlight the many benefits of migrating your business solutions to the cloud, outline the steps in the the migration journey, and show how leaning on the expertise of an experienced Atlassian Solutions Partner can help you avoid some of the common pain points and pitfalls that can impede your transformation to the cloud.


Hosting Atlassian workloads on-prem is unlikely to be on your company’s list of core competencies. Cycles spent supporting and maintaining internal tooling along with its required infrastructure can be reclaimed for higher priority initiatives by migrating to Atlassian Cloud.

Reduce TCO
Running Atlassian workloads on-prem comes with its share of hidden costs; from security and maintenance to downtime and capital depreciation. Choosing a SaaS or cloud deployment environment operationalizes cost in a consistent and predictable manner.
Frictionless Scale
More users, more apps, more integrations, and more automations onboarded over time may necessitate an upgrade. Leveraging the cloud enables your Atlassian stack to easily scale as your business needs grow without the need for capital planning and outlay or extended change management.

Increase Agility and Innovation

Introducing transformative functionality into the Atlassian ecosystem via apps or integrations may come with additional resource requirements to maintain snappy performance. Hosting Atlassian software in the cloud enables on-demand performance tuning and minimal downtime.

Expert On-Demand Support

Atlassian software is often given the highest level of criticality designation in the enterprise, meaning downtime comes with a significant negative impact. Whether you choose Atlassian’s cloud, Cprime’s Managed Services, or your own public or virtual private cloud, Cprime has a technical and/or functional administration support service for that.

What is Atlassian Cloud?

Atlassian’s cloud offering comprises of the great products and services you may already be familiar with but in a highly available, fully-managed infrastructure ecosystem. It allows you to reap all the benefits of tools like Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, and more without the need to provision and maintain your own servers. Focus on what really matters to your business and let Atlassian handle the rest.

Cloud Migration

Stack Migration and DevOps engineers, informed by the migration requirements, will move existing data into the destination cloud environment and rewire any necessary apps or integrations on a collaboratively agreed-to timeline. Having performed hundreds of Atlassian migrations, we are well-versed in common roadblocks and workaround procedures to migrate with the highest available data fidelity.

Our Process

Step One


In the Assessment phase, we will help you assess whether cloud is right for you, and justify the move to your stakeholders. This is when we begin to understand the your migration needs, timeline, and cloud readiness.

Step One

Step Two


In the Planning phase, we will gain a better understanding around your migration needs. We will discuss any apps you have, which customizations you have implemented, and whether you have any direct integrations into your server environment.

Step Two

Step Three


How exactly will the apps migrate, do we need to upgrade the server instance to the latest version? We will provide specific details around everything that needs to be done prior to the migration, including setting up your cloud instance prior to the migration.

Step Three

Step Four


In the Testing phase, we will help customers test all facets of migration to ensure there are no negative surprises during production migration or once in cloud. The migration plan will be tested, documented and timed during this phase.

Step Four

Step Five


Data and users are migrated to the cloud! We will follow the defined migration plan, ensuring the customer is informed at every step of the way. Post-migration verification will be performed and any high-priority issues will be resolved.

Step Five

Step Six

Go-Live Launch

The party begins! We will train your users so that their onboarding to the cloud is a good experience – we know both server and cloud and can point out all of the tips and tricks to help users migrate seamlessly. We provide most-migration support in case there are any issues.

Step Six

Get Help Migrating to Cloud

Moving your operations to the cloud can present some difficulties: believe us we’ve done enough of them! Stack Intelligence draws on a large body of migration experience from a wide variety of business sectors, from fast growing startups to provincial and federal government organizations.

With our certified Atlassian professionals and technical background, we are uniquely positioned and ready to handle any and all of your specific needs and use cases.

A great first step is to reach out for a consultation to determine if you are ready to move to the cloud, get in touch with us today.

Cloud Migration Calculator

As of February 2nd 2021, Atlassian customers can no longer purchase or request a quote for new Server licenses. Customers new to Atlassian now have no option but to go straight to Data Center or Cloud.

As you consider your options in moving away from Server, our experts are here to help take the stress out of Cloud and Data Center licensing.

Adaptavist licensing solutions give you a single touchpoint for all of your business-critical Atlassian software. 

More than just a reseller, our team’s expertise as a leading Atlassian Platinum and Enterprise partner helps you get more value from your license portfolio.

Access Atlassian licensing management that simplifies your processes via co-terming, and delivers a single point of contact dedicated to serving your team.

Contact Us

We’re here to help. Migrating to Atlassian Cloud is a rewarding, yet at times complex and daunting task. Let us take care of the hard parts so that you can focus on what matters: managing your organization. No migration is too large or too complex.

Want to find out more how Stack can tailor the migration process to your needs or have any questions or concerns whether Cloud is right for you? Get in touch with one of our Atlassian certified migration experts via the contact form below, today.

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