Case Study: Optimizing County Operations

Executive Summary

This case study delves into how Stack, a trusted IT solutions provider, partnered with a County Government for a highly populated area to facilitate the build-out, configuration, and deployment of Jira Service Management. By creating dedicated spaces for six key enterprises, providing comprehensive training and support, and enabling seamless action on service requests, incidents, problems, and change requests, Stack transformed the County’s operations, fostering efficiency and enhancing service delivery.


Client Background:

The County Government faced numerous challenges in managing its operations across multiple enterprises. Manual processes, fragmented communication, and limited visibility into service management hindered productivity, responsiveness, and collaboration. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive solution, the County sought the expertise of Stack to implement Jira Service Management.

Solution: Build-out, Configuration, and Deployment of Jira Service Management

Stack’s approach to implementing Jira Service Management involved several key steps to address the County’s unique requirements:

  • Requirement Analysis: Stack conducted a thorough analysis of the County’s needs, engaging with stakeholders from each enterprise to understand their workflows, pain points, and specific service management requirements.
  • Build-out and Configuration: Stack customized Jira Service Management to create dedicated spaces for each enterprise, including People Services, IT, Accounting, Facilities, Marketing, and Contracting. Each space was tailored to the unique needs and processes of the respective enterprise, ensuring efficient service delivery.
  • Training and Adoption: Stack provided comprehensive training sessions to empower County team members to leverage Jira Service Management effectively. This included training on ticket creation, handling service requests, incidents, problems, change requests, and utilizing collaboration features to foster cross-functional communication.
  • Quick and Easy Implementation: Stack ensured a smooth and quick implementation process, minimizing disruption to ongoing County operations. The team leveraged their expertise and industry best practices to configure Jira Service Management with minimal effort from the County’s side, allowing for a seamless transition.
  • Expert Guidance: Throughout the implementation process, Stack provided expert guidance and support, addressing questions, clarifying doubts, and offering recommendations to maximize the County’s use of Jira Service Management. This assistance ensured a successful adoption and utilization of the platform.


Results and Benefits:

  • Dedicated Enterprise Spaces: With Stack’s support, the County Government successfully built dedicated spaces within Jira Service Management for each enterprise. These spaces provided centralized platforms for teams to manage service requests, incidents, problems, and change requests specific to their operations.
  • Efficient Service Delivery: Jira Service Management enabled teams in each enterprise to action service requests, incidents, problems, and change requests seamlessly. The streamlined workflows and centralized ticketing system improved response times, resolution rates, and overall service delivery.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: The implementation of Jira Service Management facilitated cross-functional collaboration and communication among team members. By leveraging the collaboration features, such as comments, @mentions, and file attachments, teams could effectively collaborate on resolving issues, exchanging information, and improving problem-solving capabilities.
  • Improved Visibility and Reporting: Jira Service Management’s reporting capabilities empowered the County Government with real-time visibility into service performance and team productivity. Data-driven insights and analytics enabled proactive decision-making, resource optimization, and continuous service improvement.
  • Scalability and Adaptability: Jira Service Management’s flexibility and scalability catered to the evolving needs of the County Government. As new enterprises or departments were added, Stack could easily configure and extend the solution to accommodate the County’s expanding operations.
“It is rewarding to see the positive impact our solution has had on their efficiency and citizen satisfaction.” – Najam Irshad, CEO


Through the successful implementation of Jira Service Management, Stack revolutionized the County Government’s operations across multiple enterprises. By building dedicated spaces, providing comprehensive training, and enabling seamless action on service requests, incidents, problems, and change requests, the County achieved streamlined workflows, enhanced collaboration, and improved citizen satisfaction.

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