Salesforce CPQ

Give your sales reps the confidence to create quotes and close deals – the smart way. Our consultants with certified Salesforce CPQ experience transform your sales team into a well-oiled selling machine.


Salesforce CPQ and Billing can bring speed and accuracy back to your quoting process, but without thoughtful, future-thinking implementation, you may not achieve the desired level of intuitiveness and flexibility out of the platform. That’s where we come in. Combining real business expertise with technical know-how, we’ll design a plan for CPQ implementation that’s custom-tailored for your business. One that will be immediately transformative, yet flexible enough to grow as your business expands.

Vision meets Innovation

Our expert consultants do a deep dive into your business goals, current quoting and billing processes to craft the optimum workflow design for your team.

Agile Engagement Model

Our iterative development model provides regular opportunities for design reviews. This ensures that we are in sync with your business every step of the way.

Open Lines of Communication

Nobody understands your business like you do. This is why transparent and timely communications are the crux of our project methodology with a focus on collaboration, communication and attention to detail.

Hypercare and Post Go-Live Support

A complete solution does not end with implementation alone. It becomes a success only when your team starts adopting it proactively. We provide rollout assistance and add-on support package – we go the extra mile.

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